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Less waste thanks to a clever reusable system

The Berne-based company reCIRCLE has developed an innovative reusable system for the food delivery industry. Over 2,400 restaurants in six countries already offer their takeaway meals in reCIRCLE’s reusable containers. In 2021, this initiative helped save more than 14 million disposable packaging items and reduce 1,400 tons of CO2 emissions.

reCIRCLE replaces disposable packaging with high-quality, environmentally friendly, and reusable containers distributed in a pool system. These products are manufactured in Switzerland. In August 2016, reCIRCLE began with 24 partner businesses, and six years after entering the market, around 2,000 companies in the Swiss network are participating, making reCIRCLE the market leader in Switzerland. Consumers can order their takeaway meals in reCIRCLE boxes or their to-go beverages in ISY cups and pay either 5 or 10 Swiss Francs. Alternatively, they can borrow the tableware for free via the reCIRCLE app. reCIRCLE products can be refilled, exchanged at partner businesses in the network, or returned.

The reCIRCLE range includes aubergine and transparent reCIRCLE boxes and transparent, insulating ISY cups. The aubergine reCIRCLE boxes come in six different formats: with low or high rims, divided for menus, salads, soups, and now also for pizza. The transparent boxes are available in three different shapes. The ISY cup, which is suitable for cold and hot beverages, comes in three sizes. The cutlery set ‘SPIFE’ completes the range. All reCIRCLE containers are stackable, well-ventilated, and feature a fitting, tightly closing lid. Further innovations are in developement.