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Esther Beck Public Relations Bern
Esther Beck, Esther Beck Public Relations Bern

Esther Beck

Managing Director

My name is Esther Beck, I am the owner and managing director of ESTHER BECK Public Relations, Berne. After graduating from hotel management school, I completed various training and further education programmes in marketing, social media, and PR. In the tourism sector, I worked in international sales and established PR in well-known luxury hotels in Switzerland.

Almost 20 years ago, I had the idea: ”Why not start my own agency”?

Today, I provide consulting in strategy, concept, and implementation in the field of PR. In doing so, customers from various industries enrich the portfolio. This daily work routine is exciting and successful for both sides. I am very curious and full of energy, and I love interacting with people. This excites me and motivates me every day. Thanks to my extensive experience in public relations, I have established connections with key media professionals.

In addition to my work as a PR consultant, I take great pleasure in sharing my knowledge with the next generation of PR professionals as a lecturer in Public Relations at the Swiss Marketing Institute (SMI).

Esther Beck Public Relations Bern, Monika Buchser

Monika Buchser

PR Coordinator

My name is Monika Buchser, and I am the PR Coordinator at ESTHER BECK Public Relations in Berne. After completing my training as a commercial employee in a renowned luxury hotel in Interlaken, I worked in the tourism industry for an extended period After nearly nine years of experience in the field of marketing and communication, and further education at SAWI in Project Management Expo & Events, I had the opportunity to experience other industries for some time – first in the manufacturing industry and later in the notarial sector.

But then my passion for communication took hold of me again. For over four years now, I have been pulling the strings behind the scenes at ESTHER BECK PR. Every day, I look forward to new challenges. Effectively combining graphics and text is one of my core tasks. My goal is to continuously use more efficient technologies. I take great pleasure in being in daily contact with clients, media professionals, and partners in our network. Working in a small team always keeps the job exciting and diverse.

How we work

We maintain open and transparent communication and strive to achieve the best for our clients


We maintain long-term partnerships. In the areas of text, image, translation, social media, photography, and web design, we benefit from an extensive network.

Scope of activity

We work with media in both German-speaking Switzerland and the French-speaking Switzerland, as well as in Germany and Austria.


Esther Beck, owner and managing director of the agency, is an established professional member (BR) of PR Suisse (SPRV), a member of the Berne Public Relations Society (BPRG), and a Certified PR and Communication Expert SAQ.