Your PR agency in Berne

Media Relations

As part of media relations, we establish a connection between you and the media. We create storytelling with emotional and powerful messages.

In collaborating with us:

  • You will receive steadfast media texts and press kits, as well as target audience specific media distribution lists.
  • Your company will become known nationwide. We maintain personal contacts within the Swiss media world.
  • You will receive support with research and editorial discussions, including the presentation of topic proposals.
  • Interviews and exclusive publications will be arranged, and you will be taken care of during the process.
  • You can rely on us to, in collaboration with external partners, ensure continuous and thorough media monitoring.

Do you need someone to assist you with the organization and execution of press conferences, media trips, and/or events, with individual follow-up? As a PR and communications agency in Berne, we are in permanent contact with the media. We are equally accessible to both clients and the media professionals. We are happy to assist you.

Esther Beck Public Relations Bern